This is 'Mytherland'

A place built as an interactive community which offers you games, events, activities and more entertainment content into a dynamic world that changes time-based.

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'Mytherland' promotes a secure cozy place which is fair to everyone. We don't use web cookies, third-party trackers nor ads. This website has been built from scratch to fit its needs and supporters helps the site to continue running.






· MAIN ·

  • LVL & EXP
    • LVL: your level determines your global progress. It increases by obtaining exp. The more level you have, the more exp you need. Your level never gets reset and your gained level percent always remains.

    • EXP: shows how active you are compared to other users. You can increase your exp by doing any kind of activity such as opening consumables, crafting items, playing games, using power-ups, doing events, etc. Your accumulated exp counter gets reset on the first day of each month.

  • Stats
    • Global: visit the global stats page to see the main scoreboards and your monthly progress.

    • Your stats: click on your user at the bottom right corner to open your stats. Most of these remains private.

  • Profiles Visit someone, add Friends or check their Stats by clicking on their icon or card.

  • heavenly-roadsJairo de Ara

  • Friends You can add friends using the button at their Profiles. You can chat with your friends and send them friendship badges. Your friends list is private and no user will be notified when you add or delete them.

  • Bonus You can redeem codes at your user menu. This gives you extra resources such as Points and Items. Each code has one use per user.


  • World Map The main place to do activities. The world changes depending the hour of the day and so does some world events.

  • Locations Points of interest to discover and doing Events. These locations can stay opened or closed according the date and hour.

    • Arcade: the right place for players who loves retro games. 24 hours open!

    • Bakery: make some delicious cookies and bake them during 'Cookies Madness' Event.

    • Museum: find anomalies during 'Museum' Event.

    • Bus Stop: here you can see the most recent scouts who joined the site.

  • Events Limited-time activities you can participate on to get an unique variety of rewards. Events can be weekly, monthly or yearly.

  • Points The main exchange currency around this website. You can get these by completing Quests, participating in events, doing tasks and using consumable Items.

  • Items & Inventory Resources with several purposes. You can get items at the Arcade, buying some at the Store by using Points, using consumables or at the Workshop. Your inventory stores every item you own. Here you can check them, filter them by types and use consumable ones. Unlike Stamps, your items are private.

    • Collectibles: common items that can be stacked, some of them have storage limit.

    • Unit: unique items you can get once. Your Powerups are stored in this group.

    • Special: brings you extra information or feature usages.

    • Event: themed items available during specific events. You can't keep them after event ends so make sure you use as many as you get.

    • Consumables: contains collectible items or Points inside. You can keep event consumables, open them and get the items even if the event is not active. All items you get from consumables can surpass the storage limit.

    • Other: items you collect once and can't be used on any way. They're not important but memorable so they are hidden by default, use the filter button to show them.

  • Workshop You can open this by clicking the button at the bottom of your Inventory. Allows you to convert, craft Items, Powerups and get some rewards. Contains unique ones during events.

    • Converters: uses an items quantity to transform them into another ones. You can choose how many to use.

    • Crafts: makes an item using needed ones with a Points fee.

    • Rewards: complete workshop related tasks to get extra prizes.

  • Store The place where you can get Items and Customizations.

  • Stamps You can get cool ones by completing tasks around the website and at the Arcade as a reward. You can't get repeated stamps. Some users can also get special ones by doing amazing things. Your stamps are shown on your public Profile.

  • Quests Complete available tasks to get rewards and EXP. There are daily, weekly and monthly quests. All your quest list is reset on every month.


  • Coins Get these Items while playing Games, by opening Chests and consumables. They work as score and allows you to get extra rewards. Your Coins become 'Ghost Coins' at the end of each week or by using them at the Workshop.

  • Games Play these to get Coins. You can't die while playing, but you can loose Coins if you do something wrong. Games have varied difficulty levels.

  • Chests Open these to get varied Items. You can open each chest once a day.

  • Prizes Reach top places and get exclusive content as Points, Items, Stamps and Themes at the end of the week.

  • Power-Ups These Items boosts your rewards on varied ways. You can craft them at the Workshop and use them at the Arcade. You can save these in your Inventory and use them once a week.

  • Goals Complete these to get extra rewards, there are individual and cooperative goals. Rewards are given at the end of the week and you need 500 Coins as minimum to apply.

  • Slot Machine Available during 'Arcade Fridays' event. Insert your 'Retro Tokens' to get prizes.


The membership unlocks extra content for you such as customization content and rewards. By getting the membership you are also supporting Mytherland website project.

  • Customization Brings your profile an unique look. You can unlock extra customization content during Events or at the Store. You don't need the membership to unlock customization content but to use it.

    • Window themes: themes for your user windows.

    • Picture styles: unique frame shapes for your profile picture.

    • Custom colors: colors for your user windows and card.

    • Card backgrounds and decorations: extra customizations for your user card.